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Wicomico Farm and Home Show is a full-service roofing and home remodeling company with design/build capability. By providing quality and customer service, We enhances both the beauty and livability of a space for years to come. Our clients always “love where they live.”

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Every business has a story and ours began with roofing. Our founder worked on roofs for many years before deciding to start a company of his own. With his extensive experience comes a knowledge and work ethic rivaled by none.

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 We are building relationships with our clients. They know your home is where life happens and should be designed to reflect your lifestyle and enhance the way you live.

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Unique Design and build process makes remodeling pleasant and more seamless than you could ever imagine. We help you make educated and wise decisions about how to spend your money.

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What Is the Typical Process for a Roofing Insurance Claim?

Insurance claims associated with roofing damage can take on many forms, depending on what the damage might entail. Serious damage is usually more closely followed up by the insurer, and you’ll have to provide more extensive evidence if you hope the amount you get as compensation to be as close as possible to the amount that you deserve.

Austin roofing companies

Of course, for that to happen, you have to consider carefully the process of getting a roofing insurance claim and call in respected Austin roofing companies right from the start, so they can help you evaluate the damage and give you the scoop on what to pay the most attention to.

The first stage of the process involves gathering evidence. You need to know as much as possible about the damage that your roof sustained and back up your claims with evidence such as photographs and videos. If you have a drone, then drone footage can help a lot, because the drone can film areas of your roof that are not easy to access from the ground. Also, make sure you take pictures of areas of your home that may have been damaged as a result of the roof failing during the storm, such as your walls being affected by water damage shortly afterwards.

Once you took all the photos, ask your Austin contractor to inspect the roof more thoroughly, see which areas require the most work, and have you take more pictures in key areas you may have missed. The roofer should also give you a written estimate containing the details of the damage and the extent of how much it would cost to repair it all. Make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is licensed, bonded and insured, and that they have enough experience and knowledge in the matter that they are considered an authority. Otherwise your claim won’t really carry much weight once you present it to the insurance company.

Next, it’s time to call your insurer and report the claim. You may consider having this step monitored by a public adjuster or an attorney. It’s also advisable to never accept the first offer that the insurers have, and to go over the offer carefully with the help of your roofer and the public adjuster. Having the two experts work together is crucial, as the adjuster has all the legal loopholes covered, and the roofing contractor can cover any details that the adjuster may have missed.

Finally, it’s time to negotiate the offer your insurers give you and ask for the compensation you need. Once you receive the best possible compensation, it’s time to obtain additional financing – if necessary by getting a loan – and have your Austin roofer repair or replace your roof in accordance with what might be needed.

While this is the most labor-intensive step, the previous ones are the ones that really matter the most, as they can mean the difference between paying up the entire amount of a roof replacement on your own and leveraging your insurance coverage to avoid the highest payments, or even avoid a replacement completely and get away with a less expensive repair.

Advantages of Metal Roofing in a Hot Climate

Most people, who are put in the situation of building a new roof, consider the classic solutions in the first place, but metal roofing is becoming an increasingly serious competitor for the asphalt roofs or the traditional solutions (clay tiles, wood shingles…). There are several types of metal roofs, from steel metal tiles to metal roofs based on non-ferrous metals (Aluminum, Copper, Titanium-Zinc). The different materials used in the construction of metal roofs provide distinctive qualities.

Boca Raton roofing company

Advantages of metal roofing

  1. Metal roofs are easier to install, especially those manufactured into panels that join together, like a puzzle.
  2. Metal roofs are resistant to fire, insects, mold and rot. They are particularly durable when installed by professionals. Most roofing companies guarantee a metal roof installation for up to 30 years or more, the return on investment being significant compared to some traditional solutions.
  3. Metal is a lightweight material, which makes the roofing system safer for the resistance structure of the building. Most metal roofing materials come in panels that can be installed in no time. If the roof is not yet installed and a storm is on the way, shortening the installation time by a day or two can turn to be an essential advantage.
  4. Another reason why metal roofs are so popular nowadays is related to fire resistance. These roofs tend to be non-combustible, so they are often rated class A when it comes to fire resistance. This is the highest score a roof can achieve.
  5. Rapid rainwater drainage. Metal roofs are practically impermeable due to the way the panels are interspersed, but also because the surfaces are hard and slippery.

Boca Raton roofing company metal installation pros tell us that one of the most significant advantages of this type of roofing material refers to energy efficiency, especially in hot climates. This is because the reflection of radiant heat from the sun and thermal inertia are basic features of a metal roof, as well as another reason for the popularity of this type of roofing. The natural reflectivity of the metal reduces heat accumulation and, implicitly, cooling costs. Also, when using a coating (UV-resistant paint, white or light colored, applied to galvanized steel sheet), it also has the role of reflecting solar energy without it being transferred inside the building.

Reducing energy consumption is also beneficial for the environment, not just for the owners’ budget. With a metal roof, electricity consumption for using air conditioners in high temperature conditions can be lower by about 25-30%.

On the other hand, we should also highlight a potential downside. Regardless its reflective nature, a metal roof has a low insulation value. However, it can be installed on a rigid foam insulation, which will greatly improve its performance. In addition, many systems use a ventilated air space between the metal panels and the roof itself, to increase energy efficiency.

Warranties vary widely for different types of metal roofs, but most companies offer between 20 and 50 years. As for paint finishes, they usually have a 30-year limited warranty.

Should You Actually Consider a Metal Roof for Your Commercial Building?

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you probably already heard of the numerous benefits of metal roofing. While most people talk about how good metal is for residential projects, you’ll find it can also deliver a similar level of durability, resilience and long lasting quality when used as a commercial roof, including in the case of flat metal panel roofing.

In fact, many commercial roofing experts recommend metal as the superior choice when compared to many types of modern rubber and membrane roofs, especially when it comes to longevity and maintenance requirements.

A Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Roof

When it comes to commercial roofing, it’s very important to find roofing products that are easy to install and can last as long as possible without needing too much work. The capital you use can be reduced considerably if the roof breaks down soon after it was installed, and whether you’re running a small business or you own several large buildings throughout the city, the cost of having to fix or install a new roof on short notice can still hurt your bottom line.

Springfield MO roofing contractors advise us that metal can be a great choice for a number of reasons. First, it’s remarkably long lasting. Compared to the cheaper commercial roofing products and even many of the more expensive residential roofing materials, metal has a projected lifespan that will surprise you. In fact, if properly cared for, most metal roofs can last three times longer than a basic asphalt shingle roofing system.

Because of the smooth surface, metal roofs will allow rainwater to flow away from your roof pretty easily. That eliminates the issues caused by some membrane roofs, where water tends to pool on top of them and create significant damage over time.

As an additional bonus, most metal roofing systems are low maintenance and can easily resist powerful storms, wind, hail and even fire. Because of that, you will find yourself paying a lot less on repairs and maintenance over the next few decades.

Springfield MO roofing contractors

Saving Money and Enjoying a Faster Installation Process

Because the materials involved are usually pretty lightweight – with the exception of steel – most metal roofing products will be installed fairly quickly. This reduces the workload required for installation as well as the labor costs associated with your project.

Another way a metal roof can help you save a lot of cash is by improving your commercial building’s energy-efficient qualities. Unlike most materials, metals can reflect and conduct heat more easily, which makes them perfect for adding a protective layer to your building to keep it safe from large temperature fluctuations and keep harmful UV rays away by reflecting them. The overall result will be that your entire building will be better equipped to handle the summer’s heat, and you won’t need as much repair and maintenance work on your AC unit.

Without a doubt, most metals will be able to exceed your expectation when it comes to acting as a durable, long lasting and overall affordable type of roofing to protect your commercial building. To get the very best offers for metal roofing, contact your local roofers today, and ask them about what your options might be.

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