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List of Advantages

More and more people opt for a metal structure project, taking into account their many benefits. Low costs are one of the important factors influencing the decision of those who want to construct a metal building, because costs are indeed much lower than in the case of other materials, both in the short and long term.

Why choose a metal building?

A metal structure building project offers many advantages to future owners, starting with the fact that it can be raised quickly and does not depend on climatic conditions, thus there are no such reasons to delay the construction.

The main advantages of a metal building include:

  • Short duration of construction

Reduced construction time and costs are complemented by the quality of the finishes, the lower number of workforce needed in the process and the impressive precision of the construction.

Precision is very important in the case of any building and also the main reason for dissatisfaction, when the result is less precise than expected – which happens often in the case of traditional buildings. On the other hand, metallic structures have maximum structural and architectural precision that will remain unchanged along the years.

Future owners can expect a construction period of 1-3 months, but it can be less if the construction company does not delay the process.  The building itself can be used for over 100 years, depending on the quality of the maintenance.

  • Meeting quality standards

Unlike a construction built on a wooden structure, modular houses on metal structures are all the more popular as they meet the demands of the most pretentious people.

  • Lightweight and resistance

A major advantage is that such a project for constructing a metal building implies a significantly smaller foundation, due to the lightweight of the metal. Therefore, the total costs are much lower than in the case of houses made of brick or concrete.

  • Minimalist design and plenty of space

A metal building project does not need to include interior structural support; therefore the unsightly or unnecessary pillars and walls are eliminated. The usable space is larger and more open.  Moreover, additional doors or windows can be added along the way, without changing the initial plan or affecting the structure of the building in any way.

  • Durability

The resistance and durability of a metal building is appreciated as higher than those of other materials. Such a construction is resistant to earthquakes and to severe weather.

  • Possibility to change the location

The flexibility of the location is another factor contributing to the decision to construct a building on a metallic structure. Relocation is typically very stressful, but the relocation of a modular house is actually simple, requires minimal costs, and execution time is low.

  • Efficient thermal insulation

Typically, a project for a metal building also includes advanced insulation systems, superior in quality. At least sound and thermal insulations are more efficient than in the case of traditional buildings.

Metal houses are ideal for prospective owners who want to have a cost-effective building, durable, with minimal maintenance and state-of-the-art precision.  See pricing at CanAm Steel Buildings to determine the cost effectiveness.