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Whatever industry segment we are talking about, the behavior of the market is what shapes what is being produced and for how much, the information related to the dynamics that shape supply and demand being essential for businesses to make correct decisions about their operations and prices. The best source of information on the topic is the market report, the document prepared based on the analysis of the market’s actual behavior that also provides information about the important transactions in the industry.

What Is, in fact, a Market Report?

Market reports are usually very long and complex documents that provide information about important buying and selling transactions, about relevant mergers, analyses about current market tendencies and price fluctuations, price indices and other relevant parameters that determine the operations in a certain market.

Not all market reports contain the same types of information. Some reports are issued daily and provide recent information, while others are published every six months or once a year and focus more on trends. You can also find reports that focus on specific products or specific types of livestock, such as slaughter cattle, swine, goats, on specific processes, such as exports or imports, or on products related to livestock farming, such as grain and feed. There are also reports that provide forecasts about the foreseeable future of some products and services or that provide information related to trading. Regional and local reports are also available, providing specific information that is mainly useful only to local livestock farmers and the related businesses. One special category of these local reports is the documents issued after auctions that inform interested farmers about the color, size and breed of the animals that were sold at a specific auction and the prices for which they were sold.

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Where to Find Market Reports?

There are various resources that you can use to find livestock market news reports, the most comfortable resources being internet websites that analyze data and issue reports. Some of these websites offer their reports for free, others make their services available only to registered members, for a fee.

Why Read Market Reports?

The livestock industry is extremely vulnerable to the changes in the economic environment as a whole and prices can fluctuate widely from one day to the next. To be able to set their prices right, farmers need to be up to date with all the important transactions and events in the industry, market reports being documents that provide syntheses of all the necessary information.

How to Read a Livestock Market Report

Market reports are usually complex documents that use not only the jargon used in livestock farming, but also sales terms and calculations. To understand the report and to be able to draw the right conclusions based on the data provided in the report, you will need to familiarize yourself with all the applicable technical terms, such as the frame scores used for classifying cattle and calves. The internet is a great source of information in this situation as well – whatever the report term that needs clarification, a simple query will return lots of definitions and interpretations that will help you understand the report more easily.