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roofing contractor Loganville

The roof of the house is by far the element without which the house would not be complete. In addition to the protection purpose it has against the weather, the roof complements the exterior design of the house, reflecting the personality of the owner. Its entire structure must be resilient and all materials must have superior features in terms of quality, durability and reliability.

Although when choosing the roof covering system we are convinced that we have made the best choice, the roof is not infallible and an extreme weather phenomenon is enough to cause certain problems.

Signs indicating the need for calling roofing contractor Loganville experts

Any roof model is always made up of three component parts: framing, cover and auxiliary elements. Since damage can occur at any of these elements, we will structure the signs that indicate the need for repairs according to them.

Damage to the roof framing

This component, which can be made of wood, iron or reinforced concrete, is made up of the elements that make up the “skeleton” of the roof. The cover is mounted on the roof framing.

What faults can occur at this level? First of all, for optimum support, the roof framing must be very strong and durable. The problems arise mostly in the case of wooden frames, because wood is a natural element which, in extreme humidity conditions, will start rotting. This causes damage to the resistance structure and, eventually, the roof may even collapse.

Damage to the cover materials

The roof cover represents the visible part, which can be made of ceramic tile, bituminous shingle, concrete tiles, metal shingles, different membranes etc.

What faults can occur at this level? The choice of poor quality materials may cause the following problems:

  • water infiltration at the upper level of the house
  • the appearance of mold and mildew, because of high moisture levels
  • weakening of the roof framing
  • poor thermal insulation and waterproofing, which is reflected in the indoor comfort
  • poor aesthetic exterior aspect on the roof due to discolorations (especially caused by exposure to UV radiation and heat)

Damage to the auxiliary elements

The auxiliary elements are mostly those that contribute to the safe collection and evacuation of rain water from the roof, and that form the drainage system. In most of the cases, a drainage system consists in gutters and downspouts, plus fastening and joining elements.

What problems can occur at this level? The choice of pluvial systems made, once again, of poor quality materials, will adversely affect the entire roof system, the structure of the house, but also the life indoor comfort. Gutters and downspouts can also come off due to poor installation and they may present insufficient resistance to heavy loads (snow and ice), which results in poor water drainage. Also, in the absence of a correct joining of the component elements, the water can leak on the walls of the building, affecting both the resistance structure and the foundation.

In order to prevent all these problems, we recommend that you pay close attention to the quality of the materials you choose and the professionalism of the Loganville roofing company you hire to perform the repairs.