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it support in denver colorado

All companies need computer for their everyday activities. This means that you need to consider the need for maintenance, repair and data backup. There are two ways to solve this aspect: you hire one or several IT specialists or you outsource IT activities to a Denver managed IT services company.


Is In-House IT Service the Best Solution?

Most business owners would say, without hesitation, that they prefer to employ an IT specialist. They have full control over their activity and they know that someone is available to fix any issue during all business hours.


However, there are various aspects that you need to consider, such as:

  • The IT specialists can take annual vacation or be on sick leave
  • You may not need IT support every day
  • You need to pay the IT specialist a monthly salary plus benefits no matter what.


Consider the Alternative: Hiring an External IT Support Firm

Let us look now at the other option: outsourcing your IT activities. You will not have control over one employee, true. But you will have the assurance that every time there is a problem, an experienced specialist will deal with it promptly.


You need not fear of losing control over your own company. The core activities, those that really matter and make your business unique, will always remain under your control. By outsourcing non-core activities, you actually free up resources and can use them in more effective ways for your business.


Here are some good reasons to consider an external IT support firm:


  1. Pay an Affordable Monthly Fee

First of all, outsourcing IT activities is more affordable than hiring someone. As we explained above, when you hire an employee, you need to pay their salary and benefits at all times, even when they don’t have to do anything specific.


An IT support company will evaluate your need for assistance and prepare a package of services for a fixed monthly fee. In the range of a few hundred dollars, this fee is certainly more affordable than a salary, even for a part-time employee.


  1. Get Assistance Whenever You Need It

IT support companies hire sufficient specialists to cover all their clients’ needs. There will always be someone available to solve your problem, no matter what. You won’t have to wait until your IT guy comes back from vacation or pay extra money to hire someone different for the respective task.


  1. Get Access to the Latest Know-How and Technologies

An IT support company will ensure that their employees are up to date with their skills, in order to keep up with their clients’ demands. This means that you will benefit from the best services in the field, as well as timely updates and upgrades to your software suites.


  1. No Worries about Forgetting to Back Up Data

When you hire an IT support company to manage your computer network, they will create an efficient plan for each recurring activity, from scanning the systems for viruses to backing up your data.


You will never have to worry that a computer crash may cause your business to lose valuable data – it is all safely stored and available to you.